Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Time Was A Great Time, Second Time Was A Blast

I never need an excuse to go to London. Never. I'd go tomorrow if a pile of cash fell on my lap. *looks up to the sky*

Last week I made the long, long trip from San Francisco to London for the best reason ever: to visit my publisher.....for the second time. I had the good fortune to meet the gang at HarperImpulse last October for the fun and fabulous 'autumn fete.' I had such a great time I secretly hoped they'd gather all the authors together again. Most of them live in the UK with a few others sprinkled around here in the US and even a couple in South Africa. Needless to say, unless we all lived on the same street it's rare that we're able to see one another. 

When I found out HarperImpulse was hosting another event, I just had to go. I had to. It took months of pleading my case but the universe finally smiled down on me and gave me the go-ahead.

Isn't the London office gorgeous? Of course there was an amazing reason to be there this time too. It was HarperImpulse's first birthday. The imprint, part of HarperCollins, hosted a seminar featuring the music and entertainment manager for Twitter UK and then talked about their vision for the future. 

Oh, and there were cupcakes with glitter on the frosting. That's right. Glitter cupcakes.

After the workshop we all went across to the pub. I had the chance to see many familiar faces and meet a few new ones. As someone who's never been published before, I think it's so great that we, as authors, can have little get-togethers like this. Everyone is so fantastic. Really.

When I went in October I was so bright eyed and in awe of everything. I'm happy to say that feeling hasn't gone away. Walking through the front doors of the HarperCollins building should be enough to convince me that I'm one of their authors but I still get all starry eyed. That says a lot because I'm not one who dazzles easily. =)

Check us out. Aren't we fabulous?

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