Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bridal Bootcamp and Sneaky Saturdays

In exactly 3 months and 3 days from today, I'll be walking down the aisle in my gorgeous wedding dress, ready to become a Mrs.

3 months and 3 days.

That may as well say tomorrow. It's going to FLY by. And I refuse to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man when I put on said dress and walk down said aisle. So, one month ago I got myself a personal trainer and dubbed my 3-day a week sessions 'bridal bootcamp.'

Holy sore muscles Batman. At least that's how I felt the first week. I'm now in the middle of my 4th week, and feel amazing. I'm shocked, and slightly disappointed, I didn't sign up for this months ago. But as a wise person once told me, timing is everything. Apparently I wasn't ready to wake up at 5:15, crawl out of bed & cart my butt to the gym in April. But I digress.

This past Saturday was my 'surprise' bridal luncheon. I say 'surprise' because a couple of people slipped and let on when it was. I was convinced it was going to be on Sunday. But, it wasn't. It was Saturday. The funniest part of the whole thing was I'd had my hair colored on Friday, and it's my ritual not to wash it for 24 hours so the color sets. Due to my strict adherence to that rule, when I got ready to meet my maid of honor and a friend for lunch on Saturday, I only conditioned my hair & put it up in a ponytail. Imagine my horror when I walked into the restaurant and saw a table piled with gifts, friends and family, and my mother laughing like a 15 year old as she snapped my picture. All I could say out loud was: "I DIDN'T WASH MY HAIR."


The luncheon was beautiful. The food was delish. And I'm so pleased that a fabulous group of ladies were able to come. Did I mention the cake?

How pretty is that? And it was sooooooooo tasty. Obviously, I got my butt kicked in bootcamp on Monday, but that frosting was totally worth it.

So yeah, I was surprised. Between the boy, the maid of honor, the friend and the mom....they could start their own covert operations company. And I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to wanting to know things, so what they managed to pull off was no small task. Well done guys. =)

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